A4, Engaging Individuals with Technology by Rev. Kristen Preud’homme & Allyson James


Technology is a powerful tool. Discover ways individual Unity ministries have used technology to share their message and support the work of their organization. This presentation will include real examples of online engagement with congregants: from online prayer chains to video messages, stories, memorial pages, retreat registration, texting services and more.  Session attendees will participate in a real-time online texting scenario and witness the power of a personal connection via technology. The power of technology is exemplified by the data it generates. We’ll take a look at how to capture and review data in relation to technology using tools such as Google Analytics, online surveys and online fundraising. Learn how to read and interpret the data to help you use your digital tools to reach more individuals in a meaningful way.
•    This webinar will be full of real examples of the work that Unity communities have done, and will do, in the near future.
•    The webinar will stress the importance of having a mobile (responsive) website.
•    We will provide a practical group texting example during this presentation. All participants will be asked to text to a number and will get an automated text back with a call to action.
•    We’ll examine Google Analytics examples and explanations – and how to interpret the data to enhance your work.
•    Discover Webform Data usage, and how it can serve your ministry.
•    We’ll discuss CRM, and see how CiviCRM has the power of capturing data over time and what a powerful tool it can be for your ministry.




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