C06, The Real Deal I – Stanley Zamor, Jeanne Potthoff (1.5 CME Credits Ethics)


The presenters, Stanley Zamor and Jeanne Potthoff will provide a repeat presentation of the Real Deal I presentation from the 2014 DRC Conference. The purpose of the presentation is to enhance the participants’ ethical awareness. Through the facilitated discussion, the participants’ will gain knowledge of the best practices for dealing with difficult situations during the mediation process. The learning objectives are to enhance the knowledge of the ethical standards that mediators must maintain, provide mediators with real life scenarios and the best practices for handling difficult situations and provide the questions posed to MEAC as well as the opinions. Specifically, the participants’ will be presented with a deck of cards. Each card will include an ethical dilemma or MEAC opinion. There will be a facilitated discussion regarding each card that is dealt from the deck of cards. The presentation will be provided to all mediators for ethics credits.

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