A3, Connecting Via Social Media Level I: Novice by Rev. Jacquie Lenati


This three part seminar is a hands-on social media intensive designed in three parts for the novice, experienced, and savvy user. Jump in at the level that suits you or take all three seminars. Participants will learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, and supporting apps for social media delivery and management.

Level I is designed for the social media novice and will begin with basic instruction. Participants are required to have a laptop, tablet, or mobile device with either a Facebook or Twitter app and account and be logged in at the beginning of the session. Embrace yourself as a spiritual being having a digital experience and learn how to connect and communicate effectively in digital spaces to build real life relationships. #UnityWorldwideMedia

Level I: This workshop will support someone who has just created a Facebook or Twitter account with limited or no activity. Instructions will cover the following: Privacy Settings, Facebook and Twitter vocabulary (hash what?; page vs profile; RT), Connecting: Friend, Follow, Post.



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