B1, Unique Expressions of Ministry by Rev. Deborah Frownfelter


Regardless of denomination, the Church in the western world is facing startling challenges, the likes of which have not been felt in several hundred years. Externally, radical changes such as new technology, globalization and new organizational structures have outpaced the assumptions and traditions under which most established churches operate. Internally, the structures that offered so much stability are aging, too.
So here is the sobering news:  you can start an innovative worship service, hire an eloquent minister and renovate your building…and most people still aren’t going to come. They simply don’t see that church has any value for them.

This doesn’t make church obsolete. On the contrary, it means that you can help leverage the strengths of your church to start something new, something that will fit naturally into the community just beyond your church walls.

Unique Expressions is not about supplanting the church you call “home.”  It is about a new form of ministry that can come alongside your congregation.  Unique Expressions is about a creative, simpler, probably smaller group.  A Unique Expression is a form of ministry for our changing culture established for the benefit of people who are not members of any church and not likely to come to church.

A Unique Expression of ministry begins with service and listening. It begins with nothing more complicated than loving people and wanting to embody the principles that Jesus taught. From that grow opportunities to invest in people’s lives, ways to serve them, conversations about things that matter and, after time, gatherings that emerge as a form of sacred time, learning, worship.

Come learn more about Unique Expressions of ministry, what is working in the U.S. and beyond and steps you might begin to take in this new direction.



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